How to Place a Bid
Players can start to place bids when an auction becomes live.
Enter a bid price to place a bid.
  • The bid price is set by the auction automatically. Bidders cannot set their own bid price and must accept the displayed bid price at the time. Bid price starts at 0.3 BNB and grows at a constant rate of 1%.
  • While a bidder cannot set the bid price, the bidder can choose how many bids to place at that price. This allows the bidder to spend as much BNB as desired to secure a suitable share to receive BNB rewards from future bids.
  • There is no cap on how many bids a bidder can place at any price. So be careful!
  • Bidders can bid multiple times. The amount spent will be tallied to calculate reward shares.
The first bid accepted with the highest bid price becomes the current leading bid.
  • If no higher bids come in before the round time counts down to zero, the leader will win the auction.
  • A bid can be accepted but not show up as the leader. This means someone else submitted a bid at the same price in the same valid block. So, although the bid was accepted, it was already replaced by a higher bid. Your BNB will not be returned in this case. You will start to earn BNB rewards for this accepted bid.
🧇 Important: under AA, you will not be refunded if your bid is later outbid. The amount of a placed bid is immediately collected and sent to previous bidders and the auction’s jackpot. This process is immediate, final, and irreversible, whether the bid wins in the end or not.
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