Auction Round Time
An auction starts by waiting for bids for about 30 minutes (counted as a fixed number of BSC blocks). The minimal round time is about 15 minutes.
For example, an auction starts with a round time of about 30 minutes.
  • If 30 minutes have passed and there is no bid at all, the auction countdown will hit zero. The auction will close with no winner.
  • If 15 minutes have passed, at which time a bid of 0.3 BNB comes in, the auction countdown will reset to about 30 minutes. There will again be about 30 minutes for the next bid to come in.
🧇 Important: There is no cap on how many bids can come in or how long an auction can last. So theoretically, if higher bids keep coming in, an auction can last forever, and the jackpot could grow to be very large.
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